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Farmington is a small city located in the North Western part of New Mexico, USA. The entire population constitutes around 45000 people, but the number of people increases thrice on weekends because of the tourists, who come to the location on weekends. The town was founded in 1050 and it has become the centre of the  Anasazi culture by 1300. Farmington continued developing to become a notable city in the state of New Mexico. In 1868, the Navajo Reservation settled in the city. It quickly spread around the San Juan County. The reservation has become the important income source for the city that contributed to the development of education, culture and medicine in the city.

As time went by, Farmington became known for its apple crops and a gas pipeline that was built there in the 1950s. It is also known for its health, education and commercial services as well as for the rich number of non-profit organizations. The basic directions of charity work in the city include the fight for civil and human rights, animal help, assistance to the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, job help, human services, environmental issues and more.