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Farmington Public Library Foundation
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Farmington Public Library Foundation aims at helping the city with upgrading and maintaining the learning and reading skills of the local residents, especially kids and teenagers. This is done through the improvement of the reading environment at the local public library. Apart from the major mission, the organization pursues one more goal, namely, recognising the services of the staff working at the library. This issue is of paramount importance due to the boost of consciousness of Farmington population.

The foundation has a number of programs they are working on, trying to make their activity effective and useful. Thus, they offered T-Shirts to the public library as a reward to those people, who took active part in the reading program. They also provided free bus service for high school students to encourage them to participate in the reading program of the library. What’s more, they organized free Christmas meals for the staff working at the library.  They have lots of other programs and ideas in mind, but they often lack funds to bring these ideas to life. It’s up to you to donate to the foundation now. The contacts are provided below.


  • EIN 85-0365466
  • (505) 327-1245
  • Po Box 1848 Farmington NM 87499 USA