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San Juan Animal League
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San Juan Animal League sees its major mission in alleviating the sufferings of animals living in the location. They pay special attention to animals, who don’t live in human homes and need help. The organization invests in buying and making low-cost vaccinations, organizing and helding spay/neuter programs as well as increasing the rate of pet adoptions. This does not only contribute to the overall health condition of animals they take care of, but also encourages people to adopt them for no cost at all.

San Juan Animal League is responsible for the organization and control of the following programs: rabies and vaccination clinics, spaying/neutering animals, abandoned pet program, trap n release, emergency assistance and fostering animals. If you like pets and are not indifferent to their lives and conditions they live in, feel free to get in touch with the organization and donate to it to support the pets.


  • EIN 23-7448839
  • (505) 325-3366
  • Po Box 142 Farmington NM 87499 USA